Deemaze Device Lab

Schedule your session right now, and come to our offices to test all those awesome apps you’ve been working on. And the best part? It’s free!

Btw, we are always collecting devices! If you have one you no longer use, we’d love to add it to the lab.

Some of our devices

iPad Air 2

iOS (11.0)

Moto G (2nd generation)

Android (6.0)

donated by Pedro Cioga

Leap Motion

- (-)

donated by Mariana Mugeiro

HTC Explorer

Android (2.3.5)

donated by Filipe Gonçalves

Google Cardboard

- (-)

Nexus 6P

Android (8.1.0)

donated by António Marques

iPhone 6S

iOS (12.1.4)

Acer Liquid Z200

Android (5.0)

donated by Filipe Gonçalves

Nokia Lumia 920

Windows Phone (8.10)

Vodafone Smart Prime 7

Android (6.0.1)

donated by A shy friend

Moto G

Android (5.1)

donated by Mariana Lage Martins

LG Nexus 5

Android (6.0.1)

donated by Filipe Gonçalves

Where to find us

We are Deemaze Software and our device lab is right within our offices, at Nest Collective. That’s in the heart of Coimbra, Portugal.

Nest Collective
Rua da Sota, 2A, 3º Andar
3000-392 Coimbra

See map
Nest collective lobby.

The real heroes

These are some of the companies that help us sustain and improve the lab. If you want your company to be a part of the cool kids club, drop us a line!

Thank you, friends!
We won't spend your money on beer. Maybe.